Are you suffering from an IMPOSTER syndrome?

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Don't know what it is?
To put it simply, Impostor syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be and that you succeeded due to luck and not due to your talent or qualifications.
Everyone is trying to be that somebody in life and for that at times you’ll need to act brave, be strong or intelligent and work hard, very hard. And if you succeed then always remember that your success is not always luck! It can never be. Luck can you to a point but hard work will keep you there.
It's ok to experience moments of doubts at times but don't let that over come you. So next time, take that compliment, chin up and know that you deserve it cause your worked hard for it.
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  1. Reena Bhati
    Reena Bhati
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    महीने पहले

    U r 👽 alien , u r not ageing, I grew from 2 to 6+ inch ur same from decade

  3. AIO ALL IN ONE gamerz
    AIO ALL IN ONE gamerz
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    Do you play among us

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    Tushar Dutta
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    kuch dino se gajabka prediction horahahai vai ❤

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    Doraemon Memes
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    Proud of you..Born in India !! ♡♡

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    Hey rob, I liked your videos even from 2015 to 2021

  7. Shafaq Sayyada
    Shafaq Sayyada
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    i m red everyone sus me !!whyy!!!

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    Utkarsh Pro gaming
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    What is your among us Id

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    Who will say he is over 40 he is still Awesome and Cool😎

  10. Divyam Agarwal
    Divyam Agarwal
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    pls put some crafts

  11. Aaditya Joil01
    Aaditya Joil01
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    When the impostor is sus😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😂😂😨😨😨 😅😅😄☺☺☺☺

  12. Yash Jadhav
    Yash Jadhav
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    Wow owesome animation

  13. Geetha Priya
    Geetha Priya
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    Mad pls make imposter toys

  14. Tilak Sarkar Das
    Tilak Sarkar Das
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    Rob sir I need craft video not slow motion video can you please take

  15. Shazna Fahad
    Shazna Fahad
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    Rob plese make days cryptic calendar plz........ I make date and months but i want also want days cryptic calender plz... Rob plz.....

  16. Justyeet
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    Man I remember when cartoon network used to air your show. Wouldn't miss it at any costs.

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    Tasdid Hasanat
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    Wow amazing 😍❤️

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    We are you sir from our childhood when you came on TV in morning 7am ❤️😍

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    samiul alam
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    the legend lives long

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    Lovely message :)

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    Amazing ❤❤

  22. raemation
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    Can you do a tutorial on smooth stop motion animation tips? My animation is too choppy even after watching that video. Thank you!

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  24. 06 - KESAR SINGH - XII
    06 - KESAR SINGH - XII
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    Bhai is ki stop motion kaise ki

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    sonakshi sharma
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    Good stop motion

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    Please start imagine that

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    Yo MAD UNCLE (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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  30. Rutwik Yadav
    Rutwik Yadav
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    Love your video's follow from a very young age can't forget those wonderful days watching you on TV

  31. Appmaster Yakub
    Appmaster Yakub
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    That was really awesome stopmotion. Super se b uper❤️

  32. Sajal Chuttani
    Sajal Chuttani
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    This video shows what makes a hero a "HERO!"

  33. Durga Devi
    Durga Devi
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    i like your arts so much

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    Karthik 10
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    Can I have a heart on this comment so that I can screenshot that?

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    Pooja Ghadi
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    Cool rob You are still the best artist i have ever seen

  36. dietician Aparna Chatterjee
    dietician Aparna Chatterjee
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    U are mad uncle as i know u from childhood with this name.and u are amazing person.💖💖💖💖

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    Stop motion animation seems to be easy, but it is way more hard

  45. venkateswararao namdam
    venkateswararao namdam
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    rob idont have anything iam jaagruthi telugu language do you please do houses with paper and fevicol only i request 😇😊😀

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    I started seeing you in M.A.D and till now I see you You are the best

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  55. Debasreee Nayek
    Debasreee Nayek
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    No I am not suffering from imposter syndrome but from hyper syllabus no preparation syndrome 😿😿

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    Music Lover
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    Shreyansh Sahu
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    1. Taraknath Karmakar
      Taraknath Karmakar
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      He is addicted to stop motion animation videos

    2. Shreyansh Sahu
      Shreyansh Sahu
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      @Taraknath Karmakar what ?

    3. Taraknath Karmakar
      Taraknath Karmakar
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      Mad Stuff With Rob
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