Painting with TOOTHPASTE and a TOOTHBRUSH on an iPad | Virat Kohli

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Tried something NEW!! Painted VIRAT KOHLI using TOOTHPASTE and a TOOTHBRUSH on an IPad. Whaaaatttt?

You heard me right.

In fact I made this a while back and shared it on my REELS on Instagram. It did really well and I realised that my audience on both the platforms is very different so I decided to share it here too. Hope you guys like it as much. If you do, then please give the video a big LIKE, Share it and do leave a nice comment for encouragement. It makes me happy ☺

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FYI : No IPAD was harmed in the making of this video ☺

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    Too good 👍

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    Khatarnak 😍🔥🔥

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    ufffff... lovely.........

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    1 lakh barbad

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    can you post the next video on how to draw virat kholi in a4 sheet paper

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    Good man

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    Rip iPad

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    Imagine that two Kyon Nahin Aaye

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    Hi Rob l am tanu please give me your number and you everyone you can also get Rob `s number

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    Please make a picture

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    Swarit Kushwaha
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    Virat kohli ki jai ho!!! RCB jeetega Mi harega 😂😂

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    Disney Unboxing
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    Tum koi aur automatic chij banaa main tumhari web shooter wali video dekhi thi isiliye main yahi kah Raha Hun web shooter se khatarnak rotomatik bye-bye

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    Destroying an ipad

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    Insane man

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    Please draw Rohit Sharma

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    Rob evry video i see of you the craft you make i always make that

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    Nice video in next new video please tell how to make this with acralic colors

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    •*~ASHLEY DRAWS~*•
    4 महीने पहले GOODNESS How do you do this stuff ????????? Like whoever agrees👇👇👇👇👇👇

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    It's so nice awesome i cannot believe that its really super rob it is cool

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    Master of all arts

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    Rob is a true legend ❤️❤️❤️

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    Copy of Shubojit Mondal

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    Awesome 🔥❤️

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    Now Virat Kohli have Namak in his toothpaste 😆

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    ❤️Rob👍Mad( Music, Art and dance) pogo....

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    You are the best artist of this whole universe

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    @Virat Kholi

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    Please rob I request that you that you make a real life money printing machine only real not any prank please I request you

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    IPad is doing brush

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    He is more looking like messi than virat kohli

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    Great way to make or break a pad

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    Msd ka try karo sir

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    If I did this on my iPad my mom would kill me

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    Did your iPad work after this?

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    Tim Cook go brrrr Btw, Rob is a LEGEND!

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    Omg Rob u r mad 😍 means I am not saying u "mad" but u r great😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😅 no one is like you in the world u r just great!!!!!!

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    U are too awesome why did u stop imagine that

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    Did your iPad work after this 😂😅 Ps. Amazing painting ...loved it

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    if...Virat is King of are The...King of Crafts and Arts.....Hats Off to you...Rob

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