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Guys here's a simple HACK to PRINT your ART with COKE (and some other basic materials lying at HOME). Also i need to mention that we are using FLAT COKE, that has no fizz. So many times after parties you have Coke lying at home that has gone flat that you don't want to drink. Well, now you can print with it. How amazing is that!!
Now you can print your drawings, doodles or even your favorite pictures on paper or even a T-shirt or bag by just using some Coke and regular aluminium foil. Sounds crazy but it works as you can see in this video.
I was super happy with the results and amazed to see how simple it is.
The best thing is that it’s inexpensive and you can take multiple prints using this technique :) Do try it!!
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Here’s the MATERIAL LIST of todays DIY PROJECT

•Glass marker pencil or wax crayons

•Aluminium Foil
•Acrylic sheet/plexiglass/glass - any smooth surface

•Sponge and old rags

•Roller and printing Ink

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